Angelica Gonzales — MixxedFit

Dancing has always been a passion of Angelica’s, from her first experience in middle school with Razzle Dazzle to joining the dance team in high school and now during her journey through MixxedFit. She wanted to find a workout that didn’t feel like “exercise.” She begin taking Zumba classes and that has introduced her to wonderful people that share her passion, and it introduced her to MixxedFit. After her first taste of MixxedFit, she knew this was the way to share her passion with others! As a new MixxedFit instructor, she is excited to share this EXPLOSIVE dance experience while giving her students a boot camp toning workout and having FUN at the same time! The music played during class will have you moving to the beat, dancing your heart out, and having the time of your life… ALL while getting an AMAZING, hard-core workout!
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Anna Pentler – Nia

Anna started dancing ballet at age three. She has been a dancer and dance lover ever since. She found Nia a number of years ago when she was dancing less and less, but still wanting and needing to move. For her, Nia brings back that joyful, expressive and uninhibited love of movement, and she enjoys sharing the delight of Nia with students. Anna’s style is playful, rejuvenating, and soothing, and her classes are perfect for everyBODY at any fitness level.
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Beth O’Neall — Nia

Beth, M.Ed., has been teaching Nia since 2000 and brings experience, humor, emotion, and power to her classes. She is a certified Nia black belt and a first degree black belt in Aikido. Beth teaches classic Nia routines as well as many of her own, using a variety of outrageously good music. Her style includes athletic Nia, so classes include optional interval training, strength work, and small hops. Her classes help students learn more about and delight in their bodies. Classes focus on mastery of technique; finding our edge, safely, and with joyful enthusiasm; and connecting with the music, each other, the movement, and our lives.
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Elizabeth Cervantes — Ecstatic Dance

Free flowing spontaneous heart centered movement is my sacred movement practice. I began teaching NIA , a body-mind-spirit fitness practice, in 2007. As my movement practice expanded, my heart was drawn to free-form movement expression, known as conscious dance. Both 5-Rhythms and Souldance served as inspiration for dance facilitation as it is expressed through me today. I began facilitating Souldance in April of 2009 and established Ecstatic Dance ABQ in 2010. If you want a safe place to move and be moved – join us.
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Erin Damour — Nia

After being a student of Nia for 5 years, Erin decided it was time to expand her experience and become a certified Nia White Belt and teacher. She has taught regularly since 2007, including 8 years in the university setting. In 2010 she earned both her Black Belt and 5 Stages certifications. Erin’s education and experience in mindfulness, bodywork (massage, polarity, myofascial release, anatomy & physiology, and postural alignment), yoga and nonprofit management informs her deep and playful curiosity in human movement; she shares her knowledge on the dancefloor and classroom. Come enjoy great music, fun, community and movement exploration in one of Erin’s classes.
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Kate Davis — Nia

A dancer since childhood, Kate discovered Nia in 2005. She earned her Blue Belt in 2012. Skills learned from twenty years of teaching English inform Kateʼs classes, as does her love of play and her commitment to offering a rich, pleasurable experience grounded in the science and craft of the Nia technique. She looks forward to sharing her passion for Nia with the community and helping others discover a pathway to joy and health through movement.
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May Sagbakken – Nia

May believes the connection between mind and body is essential for your health and awareness of who you are. Her Friday Nia class focuses on expression, play, and precision to create an experience that brings you back to your body in the middle of a busy day. With each Nia move she sets the stage for a conditioned body, happy bones and a deep sense of community. May has been teaching Nia for more than 10 years and received her Blue Belt in 2011. She started taking dance lessons when she was 7 years old in Norway and has through her teen and adult life explored jazz, tap, modern and African dance. She has many years of experience as a yoga student and a green belt in Taekwondo. May is also a certified reflexologist and a leader in the non-profit community working towards social justice and social change.
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Melissa McLamb — 5 Rhythms

Melissa is a mover, fascinated by the interplay between perception and what is possible. She trusts deeply in the liberating and creative power of moving through whatever arises and is intimately informed by the cosmology of the 5Rhythms. She first discovered 5Rhythms in 2009, and is currently a 5Rhythms Sweat Spaceholder, working towards becoming an accredited teacher. She is mentored by her beloved teachers and friends, Visudha de los Santos and Chloe Goodwin. As a Spaceholder, Melissa leads intuitively, respecting the uniqueness of each individual and the gifts of the ever-changing moment. She invites you to dance boldly, to physicalize your expression, to trust the movement and remain curious.

Sarah Ferrell – Music Together

Sarah Ferrell is a Licensed Music Together Center Director and Registered Music Together Teacher. She is excited to share her love for music with young children and their families through Music Together Family Classes.Sarah is passionate about singing, playing bass and guitar, and working with breath and movement. She currently plays and performs with The Squash Blossom Boys. Past projects include The Green Billies (2014-2016), Three String Bale (2008-2013) and Vida, a nationally touring four-woman vocal ensemble (1995-2001).Sarah is also a Licensed Massage Therapist (#4991), Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200). She practices bodywork at Calle Ocho Therapies in downtown ABQ.

Rujeko Dumbutshena – African Dance

Rujeko Dumbutshena is an experienced university dance instructor who was on faculty at Sarah Lawrence College for 8 years and now teaches in the dance department of the University of New Mexico. As a Zimbabwean artist living in America, Rujeko has successfully been a part of innovative works and was an original ensemble member (dancer, singer, mbira player) in the Broadway musical production of FELA!. Rujeko was commissioned to choreograph and produce an original piece, Jenaguru, as part of the Smithsonian African Art Museum’s African Cosmos exhibit. She received a Brooklyn Arts Council 2013 grant and a BAM/De Vos Institute 2013 Fellowship, and is a 2014 New Mexico Arts grantee. She teaches neo-traditional African dance.
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Wendy Stephens – Live & Try Personal Training

 Wendy is excited to call MOVE! the home for Live & Try Training, offering personal training and fun group exercise classes. Created from over 25 years of learning, laughter, and fitness instruction, Live & Try brings you the opportunity to be who you are and exercise in an environment of acceptance and possibility. Wendy’s passion is providing real options for real people to move in their bodies, working toward balance, alignment, and functional strength. Wendy is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, proponent of the principles of Health at Every Size, with numerous exercise certifications including The Biomechanics Method of Corrective Exercise. Driven by a smile and the desire to build community and purposeful strength, Wendy welcomes you to become part of her exercise family.