Prices and Groupon Vouchers

At MOVE!, you’ll find affordable fitness classes, with no monthly membership fee. Each teacher may charge his/her own rates. Generally, drop-in fees are $5–$10.  If you find a teacher you like and only wish to take classes from him/her, you may want to purchase a punch card that offers discounted class fees.  For further information on individual session prices, please consult our class schedule.

MOVE! Class Cards

To attend nearly any class at MOVE!, you may purchase a 10-class card for $90 or a five-class card for $45.  If you wish to purchase a card using cash or check, please do so the next time you visit the studio.

If you wish to purchase a card via PayPal, please select an option below and follow the prompts.
10 Classes for $90 (Expires in three months, available to new and existing studio members)

Five Classes for $45 (Expires in three months, available to new and existing studio members)

Live & Try Training Classes

For pricing on the various Live & Try Training group classes, or for a private one-on-one training session, please contact Wendy Stephens at

Please note that Live & Try Training classes are not covered by MOVE! Class cards.

Groupon Vouchers

A note about the fine print for your Groupon: Groupon’s rules are that after you purchase a Groupon, you have 4 months to redeem it. Come to the studio to redeem your coupon and start your class card. Once you do so, there is a separate expiration date that applies for attending classes. Your class card is valid for 60 days.

Please note that the Groupon is for those who are new to the studio.  If you aren’t a new student, we can redeem your Groupon for one class instead of all five classes, or you can contact Groupon for a refund.

EveryBody Dances Fund

At MOVE!, we never want financial hardship to inhibit your ability to joyfully maintain your emotional and physical health.  The EveryBody Dances Fund is for current community members who need temporary financial assistance to maintain regular, on-going classes.

How Does It Work?

The fund is financed by donations from our generous community members.  We hold fundraisers throughout the year with proceeds going to this fund.  Funds may be utilized by current community members (e.g. those already regularly attending classes at MOVE!) to attend classes for a period of three months.  To enroll, please contact owner Carl Parker via email at or by phone at (505) 349-4136.  Please note:  This offer is only possible when funds are available.

How Can I Donate to the Everybody Dances Fund?

Donations of any monetary amount are always welcome.  Please make checks payable to Movement LLC or donate via the PayPal button below.